I went through two operations of cutting out cancer from my brain. I have problems with neurological defects, ophthalmological problems (loss of eye), laryngological problems, problems with movement, and I am sick with Celiac disease. I have published an e-book about the Yii framework - it is free, I would be grateful to those interested for giving me a donation. I am looking for a job (programmer of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and a beginner of C#) part-time. I have a significant degree of disability granted to me for the rest of my life.


What I have gone through, what is wrong with me

Currently I am a person after two neurosurgical operations, during which I had a tumour (cancer) cut out from the middle part of my skull. After the surgery, I had such disabilities as deteriorated memory and concentration, loss of the left eye, paralysis of the skull muscles, unclear speech, weakening of the right part of the body and a few others. Then I went to oncology where I was exposed, but the dose was lower than the recommended one. Unfortunately, it was not possible to use all the possibilities of the equipment because the doctor was afraid of losing sight of the whole. I have problems with neurological defects, ophthalmological problems, laryngological problems, problems with movement.

I have also seen coeliac disease, a disease that does not allow me to eat products made from wheat and other crops. The Polish Government does not reimburse gluten-free products in the same way as it reimburses medicines purchased during one month that exceed the rate in question. I have written to the ministry many times, but my requests and appeals have failed. All the time I buy food for the money I get through the foundation.


Opinions of doctors, country 'help' and situation at home

At present, something such as Solidarity in Poland is disappearing. Poland is not a country for the sick and the old. In this country you have to be young and always have knowledge of everything, work overtime, neglect your family to earn the minimum wage!

My father did not pay maintenance either in the past and is still evading it, not allowing me to buy the rehabilitation equipment I need. The bailiff can do nothing. In the country where I live, it is praiseworthy to say that you avoid paying child support. I do not understand what happened to Poland.

Currently I have huge headaches, fortunately there are medications that help me. The problem is my clarity of mind and my perceptiveness. After taking painkillers and neurological agents, I feel as if I have got an oedema in my head. I often forget things I learned the same day.

The doctor told me to live in peace, both physically and mentally. Only that I cannot afford to rent a flat in the block in which in the land I will have heating from the city. Now I go to the basement and bring a bucket of coal to the first floor. After some time I couldn't do it anymore, fortunately I found a person who does it for me and thanks to that makes my life easier. I have a central heating oven in my kitchen where I have to burn. Due to their uninteresting neighborhood and their lack of consent, the chimney often escaped from the oven as a result of afterdamp or smoke. Even the Fire Brigade was called in.

I don't know how I can stand it all, my mother keeps me alive and needs help as well.


I am familiar with the programming of Web applications.

I have programming and coding skills in PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, SQL and C#. My works can be found at: and these are among others: phpBlueDragon Mailer, phpBlueDragon LocalMailer, phpBlueDragon GetPozition, phpBlueDragon HrefSystem, phpBlueDragon WykopAPI (Polish reddit), phpBlueDragon Editor, phpBlueDragon Image Converter, phpBlueDragon Image Operation, phpBlueDragon Password Generator, phpBlueDragon Mass Password Generator, phpBlueDragon Icon Extractor, phpBlueDragon MD5 and others.


Write to me

Thank you for having read it to the end. You would like to write to me, support me by e-mail - there is no problem to write to me at:


How could you help me?

I have two petitions for you: the first is that if you are interested in creating web applications you can download my e-book about the Yii framework - it is free, and then if possible make a donation to PayPal account.


Donations by PayPal on



The second way, if you like the software I have created, is to be able to make a donation. It doesn't have to be a lot of money, even 5 USD/EUR per month. I hope that so many of them are gathered that I will be able to provide me with a flat and food, and then I will be able to develop the software further.


phpBlueDragon Mailer

Program was created to the emission of letters the e-mail to the large group of receipts, thanks why one can behind his help realize newsletter. The program installs itself on the external server be internal possessing the suitable software that is the interpreter program of scripts PHP together with the database MySQL.


phpBlueDragon LocalMailer

LocalMailer system is designed mainly for people who want to send their letters to a large audience without having to send individual letters.

Documentation Download

phpBlueDragon GetPozition

Software is designed for reporting and checking the current page rank in the search engine Google for the relevant keywords. Just add the address of your page, enter keywords, and add the appropriate tasks to CRON. The program will automatically search through what you will see at which position in the search results is your site.

Documentation Download

phpBlueDragon HrefSystem

The system is designed to keep track of links to their sites on the Internet. You probably know how important these days are links from other websites to yours. It is mainly thanks to them and appropriately selected and edited content page trunks in Google results.

Documentation Download

phpBlueDragon Editor

Easy to use with plenty of help function in the menu that make life easier for any programmer. It offers support for several programming languages even though the main syntaxes that supports are PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

phpBlueDragon WykopAPI

You probably have heard about Wykop once, maybe you have an account and would like to read the news in a slightly different format and have access to the most interesting content you have? I present WykopApi which is equipped with, among others: browsing recommended posts, excavation entries, hit entries of the year, entries last month, last two months, last three months.

New version of file conversion program

Published: 2018-07-03

I have prepared a new version of a program designed to encrypt our file with a password. In addition to the changes consisting in improving the graphic interface and improving the Tab key, I added a file conversation in a new process. (more ...)

I have published a free e-book on the Yii Framework

Published: 2018-06-18

When programming in PHP, we often have to solve problems that are already developed by others. Remember to configure our applications, connect to the database, display the templates - all of this must be programmed by yourself. It is very easy to use the framework, which contains most of the elements we need. Simply turn them on and configure them in the settings file. This allows you to start working on the system you want to program. Framework Yii has in its resources: change of operating language, components, caching, error handling, library for sending e-mail, system log, database support, URL manager or checking and providing information about errors. Additionally, Yii is equipped with a module called Gii - it allows for automatic generation of elements such as controller, mo (more ...)

Information about the development environment and my health

Published: 2018-06-18

The first entry in the blog, which will be dedicated to my passion, which is programming applications mainly for the Web, but also for fixed programs in the .NET framework. In my opinion, Microsoft's opening up to other operating systems will be good for them. I leave the programming to Windows because of the Visual Studio tool. I decided to return to creating my own programs. I have had serious health problems recently. I still have an operation ahead of me, but I hope that everything will be fine. I have created new versions of software with threads for operations. I would like to thank the people who drew my attention to this. I hope that now programs like MD, SHA and CRC will not hang up anymore when handling large files. (more ...)

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