phpBlueDragon Mailer

Program was created to the emission of letters the e-mail to the large group of receipts, thanks why one can behind his help realize newsletter. The program installs itself on the external server be internal possessing the suitable software that is the interpreter program of scripts PHP together with the database MySQL.


phpBlueDragon LocalMailer

LocalMailer system is designed mainly for people who want to send their letters to a large audience without having to send individual letters.

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phpBlueDragon GetPozition

Software is designed for reporting and checking the current page rank in the search engine Google for the relevant keywords. Just add the address of your page, enter keywords, and add the appropriate tasks to CRON. The program will automatically search through what you will see at which position in the search results is your site.

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phpBlueDragon HrefSystem

The system is designed to keep track of links to their sites on the Internet. You probably know how important these days are links from other websites to yours. It is mainly thanks to them and appropriately selected and edited content page trunks in Google results.

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phpBlueDragon Editor

Easy to use with plenty of help function in the menu that make life easier for any programmer. It offers support for several programming languages even though the main syntaxes that supports are PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

phpBlueDragon WykopAPI

You probably have heard about Wykop once, maybe you have an account and would like to read the news in a slightly different format and have access to the most interesting content you have? I present WykopApi which is equipped with, among others: browsing recommended posts, excavation entries, hit entries of the year, entries last month, last two months, last three months.

Alien intelligence hides information

Published: 2017-07-21
Recently, I noticed that I spend a lot of time reading Google, which is a very good information provider. There are links to pages where you can read many interesting things. Recently, it has turned out that among its participants special members of the intelligence services of the European Union are hiding some of the murders they want us to be unaware of. Mostly they are water pollutants in Europe containing cadmium in our composition that spreads to our bodies to seal the metabolism of substances that increase the calcium production needed to make our bones strong. They want us to be handicapped. In case of any war we will have a problem. The whole Union, all countries placed in it are in danger. These people from the secret services of the European Union are not on our side. They got o (more ...)

Why there are no nuclear power plants in Poland? Are not they sure?

Published: 2017-07-06
Have you ever wondered why there is not a single nuclear power plant in Poland? No, you better start thinking about it! Why do not we have nuclear power plants, just that they are. We have been with Russians for several decades and they have built them here. There were even old ruins in Zarnwoc, in which we tried to build a power plant, but we were not allowed. There were scientists in Poland who could develop the construction of atomic beast. Anyway, these scientists were killed in a very strange car accident where they crashed into a heavy concrete block from a truck at high speed. Is not it strange that a block of concrete is simply put on a truck without its attachment. But today is not about it. At our homeland today there are at least five nuclear power plants. Cities are: Wroclaw, K (more ...)

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