OxyContin - List of medications I have taken or am taking

Many people describe their medications that they have been taking for headaches. After a moment's consideration, I will also describe what we are dealing with in my case. At first it was paracetamol under different names. Then after the operation I switched to something stronger and started taking Tramadol under the name Poltram both in tablets and in syrup. Currently I'm taking DHC Continus and the effective drug oxycodone hydrochloride, which I take as OxyContin and Oxydolor. The medication is very good for my headaches. It is known that not everyone has their head cut twice and is left with scars on the brain because of which you sometimes lose consciousness during the pain.

Today I took: 45 mg in the morning just after waking up without any food so that they can be absorbed immediately because I felt the headache coming on as usual, another 45 mg around one o'clock in the afternoon to improve the morning dose, especially when you are working your head. Lastly, which is just now, I took a sip of 30 mg to be able to sleep. This drug causes the cessation of pain, even pain sitting somewhere in the middle of the head, which paracetamol unfortunately can not cope with.

I present my daily dose prepared the day before.