Toilet in the St. Barbara's Hospital in Sosnowiec on 25.03.2022.

During a visit in the Regional Specialist Hospital No. 5 in Sosnowiec, just like every other person, after some time I wanted to go to the toilet. If you live in Poland you know what such toilets look like: handles in the strangers are unscrewed, there is no toilet paper, there is urine of other people everywhere which is a smell that knocks you out from the door, the bowls are filthy, there is no liquid soap and paper towels to wipe your hands, taps with no knobs, and if there are any they are in a state that offends human dignity. Of course, in each toilet there is a sheet with the daily signatures of those responsible for cleaning these possessions of humanity. I don't know if these people have a problem with their eyesight to not see these kinds of cavities?

This time, in addition to most of the above "pleasantries" I encountered something like no tap in the sink. Not only can't I wash my hands with soap, but there's nowhere to wet them at all and wash off the soap that isn't there. The faucet in my opinion was old enough to have broken off from rust.

Ladies and gentlemen who are the directors of this hospital. You have state-of-the-art equipment, expensive CT or MRI machines. All of them have been modernized thanks to the expenses of, among others, Jerzy Owsiak, who conducts the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity every year. Why can't the same be done with the restrooms. It is not only a place where bacteria breed, but also a great shame for the hospital. Do you not see what is happening? You can see in many people that in almost every review about the hospital is the condition of their toilets. I personally have had enough of this type of toilet.

Here is a tap photographed at the St. Barbara Regional Specialist Hospital No. 5 in Sosnowiec. Let the opinion and photos carry into the world. Maybe this will help to achieve their renovation?

WC w szpitalu św. Barbary w Sosnowcu na dzień 25.03.2022 - 1
WC w szpitalu św. Barbary w Sosnowcu na dzień 25.03.2022 - 2