Song on YouTube blocked due to possible mutilation

A song I really like by Numb/Encore band - Linkin Park ft. Jay Z (Unofficial Music Video) was available a few years on YouTube to watch or listen to at all without any warning. Now it says that in order to play you should know that watching it can lead to suicide or bodily mutilation. In order to play, you must press the button that you have read this warning and understand what it means.

The song used to be in a playlist that I listened to myself when I wanted to cheer myself up after a hard day at work, or at work when I had a hard piece of code to write. I used to put headphones on my ears, eyes closed and take a break. Unfortunately, but now I'll have to download the whole list and carry it with me uploaded to my phone. Don't you guys think the service is overreacting to the security policy of the posted videos?