phpBlueDragon Image Operation

The software permitting of wholesale the operation on display files enabling among other things: the change of their size, the change of the format of the picture, graduating in relation to the chosen value, the addition of the watermark, the imposition of the mask, the reflexion in the level and the department, rounding of corners, the exchange of colours, the application of different filters, turning according to defined degree and many more. Thanks to the simplicity and coming across following steps the service does not require too much trouble. The programme became built as the alternative for the payable software.


The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

Microsoft Framework 4.6


12 april 2017

30 april 2015

Copyright notice and used components

Because I used a few ready-made components and software solutions I put all the information about their authors as required.

phpBlueDragon Image Operation
License: Freeware software

Visual Studio Image Library
License: Visual Studio 2012 Image Library EULA

Library: James South
License: Apache 2.0 License

Icon: gakuseiSean
License: Freeware

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