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The software can convert MS Word documents *. doc and *. docx documents to the following formats: PDF, Images, RTF, Text, HTML, ODT and EPUB. All formats in one place and you can convert them completely free on your computer. The advantage of this program is that it has the ability to convert to both PDF and EPUB formats. People who write documentation, manuals, or books probably know that you need two tools to convert to these two formats. I combined everything into one. Plus you use the software on your own computer. How many times have you converted using free tools on the Internet? Now let me ask you a question: how many times have you read the terms and conditions of the site where the conversion was available? This is why people who use such sites are later ended up publishing their documents on the Internet. The creators of free conversion sites reserve the right to publish their documents on their own servers so that the Google search engine will find the text and consider it authentic, and yours uploaded later will be considered a copy. There are thousands of examples, so for example one person using a site where there was free conversion uploaded his research results. What was the person's dissatisfaction when the information about what he is ill, his name and complete address appeared on the Internet. That's why I recommend this software, it's available for free under a freeware license. It does not upload any documents to the server, it just does the conversion at your local computer.

The software also has the ability to bulk secure documents with a password. Thanks to this no one who does not know such password will get access to the documents. It is also possible to remove passwords from all documents using the password removal option. NOTE: the ability to remove the password when you do not know it is very easy. Therefore I do not recommend this option. Documents are best secured using VeraCrypt software.

Another important element is securing the document against accidental changes caused, for example, by careless handling of the computer keyboard. By applying protection, all documents will be given a read-only status. You can also remove such file protection in bulk by adding files to the software.



The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

Microsoft Framework 4.6


List of fixes since the software was developed.


  • I have corrected the headers when executing the option.
  • II removed methods which were not referenced.
  • II've added try catch to methods that may cause an error by mistakenly pressing the interface button.
  • II fixed the thread cancellation in case of pressing the Cancel button during the process. Only one thread was set in the method regardless of which method called it. Based on the variable containing the location I've chosen the appropriate thread. For additional security I added a try catch instruction.

  • Publication