Element to handle redirects from a website


I created an element for redirects to external elements of the type of web pages. The current version of the admin system is v.2.297. I added a redirection element under the name: links. I placed it in the international section so that regardless of the defined language of the new element, it can be used on any page regardless of the language set. It is possible to browse the elements regardless of the language in which you do it. Browsing is done on a page-by-page basis with the default number of links displayed per page. Adding and editing elements is done on separate pages with automatic generation of the link name based on the entered URL. This capability makes it easier to operate the add and edit link tool. The ability to delete an existing link has also been added. This is a somewhat controversial option for deleting any of the available links. The main controversy lies in the possibility of deleting a link already in use, which will result in the user using the redirection of such a link not being moved to a new location. The system administrator will also not be notified of the missing link. This will be done both from the system created with the tool and the site generated with another tool.