phpBlueDragon WebToDo

The program has in its capabilities placing tasks to be performed on the current day, important tasks, tasks planned for a given day, tasks sorted in categories that you can declare yourself.

The system has the ability to register an unlimited number of users, their logins, password change, account password reminder or administration of the entire service. The software is equipped with user browsing, the possibility to see details such as: date of registration, date of account activation, keys assigned to the account or IP address from which the activities were created. It is also possible to make a user an administrator of the service.

The system was written on a server with support for PHP and MySQL/Maria DB - these solutions are currently the most popular on the Internet so you can run the software almost everywhere. Thanks to the on-line access to the system, in order to check your tasks, you can log in wherever you are.




The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

The system needs to act (server)

Apache Web server with mod_rewrite module

PHP 5.6

MySQL or MariaDB

The work requires (your browser)


Browser with AJAX

During the installation of some of these requirements is checked by the installer.

History of the program WebToDo

The history of the program and its development. All work will be saved in a list along with the version in which they were added, changed or deleted.


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