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Program is used to generate barcodes or symbols. The software is easy to use, you need to select the type of code you want to generate. Then enter the text. Under the text field there are symbols that we can use. Selected whether you want to show the text in addition to the code. You can also choose the size of the graphic file presenting the generated code and error correction in the file.

The software enables the generation of codes: 

  • UpcBarcode
  • Code39
  • Code39Extended
  • Code11
  • Codabar
  • Code32
  • Code93
  • Code93Extended
  • Code128A
  • Code128B
  • Code128C
  • DataMatrix
  • QRBarcode

For our example, let's choose the most popular on the Internet and the best-known QR code, which allows us to pass on any information. From the Select code list, select QRBarCode.
Then, in the Text, digital to convert field, type in the information that we intend to convey using the letters or special characters listed below. The next step is to choose whether the text should be shown under the code. In the case of QR codes there is no need to use this option and in the Display text field choose the option No. XDimension field contains the size we want to impose for the file with the code. This option is important in case of physical code readers, because of their resolution. Please check which reader you have and what size you want to set. If you use the Auto option only on the computer screen, then the code is generated on the basis of the text you enter in the program. The Error correction level field is used to set the information to obtain data from the corrupted code. An example is a printout on a sticker that partially blurred. With this option you will be able to recover the information. Remember, however, that the higher the recovery rate you choose, the higher the code will be. At the end click on the Generate code button. A file saving window will open, where you decide where to save the new item.



The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

Microsoft Framework 4.6


The list of changes accomplished in the program since his uprising.

ver.1.0.0 BETA2

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