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phpBlueDragon SHA512

The software generates a checksum SHA512 , thanks to which we can compare the authenticity of the file on your hard disk with a file available for download on the website. This will provide greater assurance that the file is authentic and it was not made any changes.


  • Microsoft Framework Version 4.6

The history of the program and its development

ver.1.0.3 – 12 June 2018

ver.1.0.2 – 12 april 2017

ver.1.0.1 – 6 april 2017

ver.1.0.0 – 14 april 2015

The copyright notice and used components

Because I used a few ready-made components and software solutions I put all the information about their authors as required.

phpBlueDragon SHA512
License: Freeware software

Visual Studio Image Library
License: Visual Studio 2012 Image Library EULA

License: CC 3.0

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