Adding project

To add a new project we enter the home page, then click on the Add a new project. Project Name box is used to define its name after which you will be able to figure out what contains a category. Field Description of the project is to enter the text... - Read more

Project - links - add

We go to the homepage and click on the link in the column details. Above the table with links is the Add new link. Field URL link to the page is designed to enter the URL of the page on which our link. In the Text of the link on the page, enter the... - Read more

Add the program to the CRON

Should be added to the software CRON the path to the file that is to be executed. Preferably in the case of a large number of phrases add the task to run approximately every two minutes around the clock.   php [Path]/index.php check cron ... - Read more

Adding a new project

We go to the main page of our system and click the Add new project button. The site is available form fields Project name should contain the name and URL of the project. This field is intended for the address of the page that we are going to see in t... - Read more

Adding keyword

On the home page, click on the name of the interesting project. Our newly opened page contains the Add word button that click. Page contains a field for entering Keyword phrases of interest to us. After completing the form, click on the Add word butt... - Read more

Adding server

On the main menu click on the link Proxy, and on the page of the Add the proxy server button. On the next page, fill out the form, where the field is the URL of the proxy server - designed to address our server Proxy Port - port on which the server r... - Read more

Adding group

Adding a new group is done by clicking on the menu File, then select the position of the Groups. On the left side menu program position is available Add new group. The window in which the item Group name, type our name by w... - Read more

Adding e-mail to the group

Adding e-mail to the group make when you see its contents by clicking on the menu File, next select Groups, select a group and click on the left menu item Edit group e-mails. Click on the menu on the left side of the option Add... - Read more

Addition the send account

The addition of the account we make across the click on the menu File on the position Send accounts. Then on left side we choose the option Add account. The field Name is intended on our account name after which we will be in a position to identif... - Read more

Addition of the message

The addition of the new message will take place across the special form. We click on menu File, we choose from him Messages. Now we are passing on the tuck Draft. On left side on the menu available is the position of New message. After the click t... - Read more

Add a signature

From the File menu choose the option Signs. Go to the tab which are defined by our signatures. From the menu on the left side, click on the Add sign. In the new window define the Name field description of our signature, so that it can be easily ide... - Read more

Adding exclusion

Adding a new e-mail address to make excluded by clicking the File menu on the option Exclusions. On the left side of the program, select the Add exclusion position in which the click. In the new window in the E-mail, enter your e-mail address that ... - Read more

Addition of the new group

When we will want to add the new group for the purpose of the message on addresses contained in her of mass the e-mail one ought to invade with the cursor in the main menu on the option of the Group, then to select Review. Currently we are found o... - Read more

Browse of addresses the e-mail belonging to the given group

With the First element which one ought to select is invading a cursor on the menu of the Group, then we choose the option Review. On the page will remain shown groups which are found in the system. We choose this to which subscribers we want to enter... - Read more

Addition of the new address to subscribers

In the main menu we run against Groups, then the option Review. We pass to the group to which we want to add the new subscriber and we click after her right side on the link See the group. Now we are already in the group we can add the new address th... - Read more

Addition of the address the e-mail to exclusions

Invade in the main menu on Groups, we choose the option of the Exclusion. On the page we click into the button Add the new e-mail. We will be moved to the form. In the field the Address the e-mail one ought to define the address which we think to ... - Read more

Timetable of the shipment – the addition of the term

Run against the menu of the Message, and we choose from him the Timetable. We rewind the page to the heading Add the new term. In the field the Topic the e-mail we choose the e-mail from the tuck Sketches which we want to send. In the field the Sh... - Read more

Addition of tasks to CRON

If we want in order to all letters the e-mail added to the shipment through the software CRON were realized we must add the new task. Usually in services with the administration, are found special panels in which one can such elements define. In case... - Read more

Addition of the new account of the shipment

Click in the main menu on the position of the Account. Then we pass to the heading Add the new account. On the page with is found the form intended to the add data. The field the Name will serve to us to the identification of the account from amon... - Read more

Addition of the new signature

Run against Other menu , and we choose from him the option Signatures. After the lading himself pages one ought to pass to the heading Add the new signature. In the field the Name of the signature we give the name after which one can identify the add... - Read more

Addition of the new user

On the menu main we run against Other menu and we choose from her the option Users. On the open page we click on the available button at the top Add the user. The form contains two fields. The e-mail (login) intended on the inscription of the address... - Read more

Add comment to the post

On the main page of the menu, select Add comment to the post . On the next page you will be asked for the ID of the item or its number. This number is available in the URL bar of Wykop. Just tick, copy next and paste in form. When this is done... - Read more

Add entry to microblog

Click on the main menu under Add microblog entry . You will be moved to the page where the form for entry is available. In the Comment box, type its content. You can format it using bold, italic, quoting, adding a link, entering a code, adding spoile... - Read more

Add access key

On the main page, click the Manage Access link. On the page there are access keys to the site Wykop. Scroll to the Add a new API access header. Fill in the Key field with the access key, the Secret field with the phrase, and the Connection box. Then ... - Read more


The program allows you to segregate documents by categories. Adding a category You can add a new category by clicking on the Add category button at the bottom left of the program. Fill in the Category name field with the name of the category yo... - Read more


The program allows you to segregate documents by subcategories. Adding a subcategory The first thing is to select a Category in the list by clicking on it. In this category, our subcategory will be added. Then click on the Add subcategory butto... - Read more


The program allows you to add, edit and view documents. Addition of documents Choose the Category in which you want to add your documents. Then click on the Add item button on the upper right side of the program. The new window is used to defin... - Read more


Texts are elements where we define their different forms by using parentheses. In this way, you can get many different possibilities from a single text, which you can enter into the program. The text to be changed must be inserted between square brac... - Read more

Adding, Editing and Deleting category

Adding a category We go to the page with passwords. On the left side of the window you can see the Add category button, which you can click on. We will be transferred to the form page. The Category name field is for the category name. Then click o... - Read more

Adding, Editing and Deleting subcategory

Adding a subcategory We go to the page with passwords. When we have at least one category defined, a button for adding subcategories appeared: Add the subcategory in which you click. A form with fields is available on the website: Main category... - Read more


Select and click the Passwords button from the top menu. We have been moved to a page with categories and passwords stored in each of them. Adding a new password Go to the Passwords tab from which you can select any category. Then on the right ... - Read more

Adding, Editing and Deleting category

Adding a category Adding a new category will be done by checking the field with categories. Then, in the main menu, click on Edit and the Add Group option selected from it. A new window appears in which in the field containing icons select one ... - Read more

Adding, Editing and Deleting subcategory

Adding a subcategory Let's go to the part of the window with the available categories. Select a category to which you want to add a subcategory by a single click. Then select Edit from the menu and Add SubGroup from it. A new window appears in... - Read more

Adding, Editing, Deleting, Duplicationg, Copying password

Adding a password In the window where categories are available, select one of them by clicking on it. Then select Add entry from the Edit menu. A new window has opened in which we fill in the fields: Icons - select the icon for our entry, Title... - Read more


Categories are used to sort documents into thematic sections. Thanks to them it will be very easy to search for an element that interests us. Adding categories Adding a category is done by clicking on Category from the main menu and selecting A... - Read more


Sub-categories are separate categories in the current sections. They allow for a more precise sorting of documents. They allow you to create a tree divided into thematic sections. Adding subcategories Adding a subcategory is done by clicking on... - Read more


Place inside the category for documents containing a description, keywords, as well as their date of manufacture or date of event. The documents also include the possibility of attaching several dozen attachments in the form of e.g. a scanned letter,... - Read more

Element to handle redirects from a website

I created an element for redirects to external elements of the type of web pages. The current version of the admin system is v.2.297. I added a redirection element under the name: links. I placed it in the international section so that regardless of ... - Read more