Improvements in GetPozition 1.0.8

I've added a lot of patches you asked for in GetPozition and published a new repository on GitHub. Changing jQuery to a newer version Changing jQuery to a newer version in libraries Improvements to the database Changing the MySQL/Mari... - Read more

Improvements added to website in January 2022

phpBlueDragon website enriched with features such as: uploading a version of the site based on the new framework, adding a translation file to the Polish and English version on the server, copying the file with the translation of the Polish version t... - Read more

My computer has been going crazy with software updates lately.

First Kaspersky made me reboot my computer. Then I rebooted three times because of vulnerabilities Microsoft found in my system. Then a new printer driver - which caused me to reboot again. Yesterday Kaspersky asked me again, and today Microsoft aske... - Read more