Improvements added to website in January 2022

Tagi: #update

phpBlueDragon website enriched with features such as: uploading a version of the site based on the new framework, adding a translation file to the Polish and English version on the server, copying the file with the translation of the Polish version to the English version, adding new phrases that require translation, improving the URL in the table for the program to store passwords, improving URLs for programs to store passwords in the addresses of its subpages, corrected in the Polish version the name from Pass to PassDesktop so that it matches the English version. In addition, I corrected in the table of categories the name from Pass to PassDesktop in order to match the English version, improved the documentation header in the table of documents and on the button to go to details of the documentation, corrected the name in the button to go to the program download, created a table of categories for blog entries for the English and Polish versions, adding three entries in the table of categories, in addition the table of blogs received new fields such as category ID and information whether the entry is active, I made changes in all language versions of the change in the database table. I added to all categories in the Polish version the ability to go to the download of the program or direct download of the latest version of the program, updating the rewriting of addresses to introduce new sections on the page and the display of articles, display of finished thematic entries on the page, display of a single thematic entry on the page, changes in the display of sections of pages such as: blog, programs and other topics on the home page, change on the home page display created programs and directories and make other less important changes made to the page during its update.