Adding project

To add a new project we enter the home page, then click on the Add a new project. Project Name box is used to define its name after which you will be able to figure out what contains a category. Field Description of the project is to enter the text... - Read more

Project - links - add

We go to the homepage and click on the link in the column details. Above the table with links is the Add new link. Field URL link to the page is designed to enter the URL of the page on which our link. In the Text of the link on the page, enter the... - Read more

Sending group e-mails - mailing

You have a large number of customers and would like to send them a list of e-mail, however, you think that the fee in all kinds of systems to the mailing are too high. I've got a proposition for you. Try my program Tabbed Mailer - send group em... - Read more

Send newsletter straight from the web server

The delivery system of group e-mails is too expensive? Well, no! I prepared, because of my condition, which can not work for health reasons software with which I am trying to make a living. The program PhpBlueDragon Mailer - send newsletters to gro... - Read more

Adding a new project

We go to the main page of our system and click the Add new project button. The site is available form fields Project name should contain the name and URL of the project. This field is intended for the address of the page that we are going to see in t... - Read more

Send mass e-mail lists with your server

The system by which you can automate sending e-mails to a group of recipients. It equipped with a group of recipients so that you can sort people for the harvest. Messages are divided into sketches, sent and currently being sent. You can use this sys... - Read more

Send e-mails to a large group of people

Sending a mailing to a large group of people, however, you want to maintain the confidentiality of addresses. The program was written to only one computer, so that nobody legibility of your e-mails. It has a group in which to put the recipients addre... - Read more

The sending group e-mails

PhpBlueDragon Mailer - send newsletters to groups of recipients, editing in the WYSIWYG editor is software for sending group e-mails otherwise known newsletter. It can also apply to employees in your company, if there are a very large number, and s... - Read more

New message

Run against the menu of the Message, and then we choose the option the New message. The editor of the message became divided into three tucks. First is the Message HTML – containing the definition of the message to the person able to read the c... - Read more

The emission of group e-mail

You would like to have the program to the emission of group-letters the available e-mail only on your computer to be able to limit the leakage of sensitive data for the company? I will introduce briefly the program phpBlueDragon LocalMailer - send gr... - Read more

Creating a new file

Beginning the adventure with the program, let's start by adding a new file with a password. Click on the File menu and select New from it. A window opens in which you can define the file in the Select file field by means of the icon next to it yo... - Read more

New home page

Website contains free software and code creation tips. Available programs are released under freeware license with the ability to view the source code. The software is written in two languages: PHP for Web servers and C# to be used on local computers... - Read more

New phpBlueDragon CVSTool software

I have added the CVSTool software to the phpBlueDragon list. With this software I gained the ability to use software from some companies for free. These companies are: Syncfusion and Jetbrains. Thanks to the fact that the software is released under G... - Read more