Project - link - import links

Importing links helps you quickly add a large number of addresses that are to be checked. Click on the link on the top menu Import. The first field File (CSV) is designed to add a file from your hard disk in CSV format, encoding set to UTF-8, anoth... - Read more

Import the e-mail

The import is a very useful tool if we want to load the peck of addresses without the necessity of their manual transcription. We click on the menu File, then we choose from him the option Groups. From the right we choose the group to which mom the... - Read more

Import of addresses the e-mail to the group

Large facilitation is the possibility of the import to the program of addresses the e-mail, thanks to this it is not necessary all addresses the e-mail to enter manually. We run against the menu of the Group, and then we choose from him the option th... - Read more