This blog is where I will post about the software, the progress, ideas for new programs, software updates, and home page updates. Only the most important posts are included.

New phpBlueDragon CVSTool software

I have added the CVSTool software to the phpBlueDragon list. With this software I gained the ability to use software from some companies for free. These companies are: Syncfusion and Jetbrains. Thanks to the fact that the software is released under GNU GPL license and frequent updates to my software [...]

A very large number of improvements made to the software

Programs like GetPozition, HrefSystem, Mailer [Server], PassWeb have been refreshed and missing functionality has been added. Changed jQuery to newer version, changed jQuery to newer version in libraries, improvements concerning database, changed MySQL/MariaDB database driver to constant connections [...]

Improvements in GetPozition 1.0.8

I've added a lot of patches you asked for in GetPozition and published a new repository on GitHub. Changing jQuery to a newer version Changing jQuery to a newer version in libraries Improvements to the database Changing the MySQL/MariaDB database driver for fixed connections Minor [...]

New versions of the website with information about the foundation

I have created new pages that are a replacement for the old ones, where I present my person and ask for help in donating to the foundation thanks to which it is possible to run this website and software development. Currently, the admin panel is a department in the current phpBlueDragon admin panel. [...]

Changing the structure of the service - moving the source code location

Because of great interest and willingness to further develop both the software documentation page and the presentation of application source codes, I decided to create a separate page. The source codes can be found at the address: [...]

Optimization of the website for server usage

Due to the high consumption of resources by constantly querying the web server to the database server and receiving a warning from the server administration I optimized the operation of the site. It consists in adding pages to the server cache. For some pages the refresh time is 15 minutes, while fo [...]

Changing the location of downloads

The location of the downloads has changed. All options are available in the new subdomain. From now on, all downloads will be located in the new subdomain. This will allow me to sort the items available on the site. [...]

Publication of software as an OpenSource

Currently, the programmes: GetPozition, HrefSystem, PassWeb and WykopApi are published as OpenSource projects on SourceForge platform. I invite you to download and develop. htt [...]

First publication of a program for storing passwords on the Internet

I created a program thanks to which you can store your own passwords on the Internet. This is not mass production by a company that can suddenly change ownership. The program is designed to be installed on your server. Only you will have access to it. phpBlueDragon PassWeb [...]

Web version of the secure password storage program

Work on a program designed to store passwords on a local computer is over. I have now also started working on a program to store passwords on a server. I will be advising only the version with SSL certificate. Otherwise such an application misses the point. Both versions will be published at the [...]