Yesterday was Labor Day and for me it was also Labor Day


Yesterday being Labor Day which is celebrated by people on both the left and the right. This celebration reminds us that we can be proud of ourselves by doing even the most humiliating activity as work. As long as it is needed by humanity such a person should be respected!

For my part, unfortunately, I have had a huge headache since Thursday and everything I planned for last week I will have to do this week. Also, as you can see in the top menu, the OpenSource menu has disappeared, and in its place there is a drop-down list, which contains not only the previously mentioned by me link to the sources of the program. This list resulted, among other things, from the division of the blog. Currently it consists of three parts. The first one is traditionally the blog you are currently reading and it contains information about the software distribution. The second part is my thoughts on various topics, often these will be complaints about what conditions we unfortunately but have to live in. Finally, there is a third part added to the site, which will be descriptions of programs that I often use.

In addition to my pages asking people to save me 1% from their taxes or make donations so that I can continue to develop the software I had to cut down on the contact activities. I get so many emails from these two pages that my head hurts. I have put a token in there that has to be filled out each time to submit a form.