Ending the program To exit the software, select File from the main menu and then Exit from the submenu. Figure 1: Software exit Open the program's web page in a web browser If you want to open the home page of the software to see ... - Read more

Adding the possibility to download applications in software presentation

Since several people have suggested that I add the possibility of downloading applications to the software documentation so that it would be easier to try them out I noticed that indeed these people are right. As they say the shoemaker walks in hollo... - Read more

I have published software for converting Microsoft Word programs

Software has ability to convert MS Word *.doc and *.docx documents to formats: PDF, Images, RTF, Text, HTML, ODT and EPUB. It also has the ability to add and remove bulk encoding of documents with your own password. In addition, it can also automate ... - Read more

Word document conversion software - published

Releases first stable version of software to convert files created in Microsoft Word to formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML, ODT, EPUB or plain text or save them as images. In addition, the software allows you to bulk add and remove protection against edi... - Read more

My computer has been going crazy with software updates lately.

First Kaspersky made me reboot my computer. Then I rebooted three times because of vulnerabilities Microsoft found in my system. Then a new printer driver - which caused me to reboot again. Yesterday Kaspersky asked me again, and today Microsoft aske... - Read more