Sending group e-mails - mailing

You have a large number of customers and would like to send them a list of e-mail, however, you think that the fee in all kinds of systems to the mailing are too high. I've got a proposition for you. Try my program Tabbed Mailer - send group em... - Read more

Send accounts

Accounts emissions are intended to the data definition of concerning accounts from which our letters the e-mail become sent and the option of the emission. We click on the menu File on the position Send accounts. ... - Read more

Addition the send account

The addition of the account we make across the click on the menu File on the position Send accounts. Then on left side we choose the option Add account. The field Name is intended on our account name after which we will be in a position to identif... - Read more

Edition the send account

The edition of the account takes with nothing from his addition. One ought to click on the menu File, and then from him to select the option Send account. From the right windows we choose which account we want to edit across the single click. Then ... - Read more

Delete the send account

The possibility of the removal of the account intended to the shipment is realized across the click on the menu File, and then selectings from him the position Send accounts. From the right windows we choose which account we want to remove clicking... - Read more

Send console

It is designed for observation letters sent e-mail. Click on the File menu, and then select Send console. Here there are data such as Topic - message subject, From - account which is currently being sent, To - the group to which it is sent. Cancel ... - Read more

New message

Run against the menu of the Message, and then we choose the option the New message. The editor of the message became divided into three tucks. First is the Message HTML – containing the definition of the message to the person able to read the c... - Read more

Messages – send

Run against the menu of the Message and we choose from him the option Sent. Are defined here all messages which we sent from the system. The field ID contains the value after which one can identify the message in the base of data. Next To defines the... - Read more

The emission of group e-mail

You would like to have the program to the emission of group-letters the available e-mail only on your computer to be able to limit the leakage of sensitive data for the company? I will introduce briefly the program phpBlueDragon LocalMailer - send gr... - Read more

Plus or minus for recommended

Click the menu on the main page Plus / Minus for entries (top). On the open page you see a form with a field for the find , select the action from it, and then click the Execute button. At this point all the entries that are currently in the recommen... - Read more

Excavated / recommended / hints year / month / two months / three months

The service also provides you with the ability to watch hits or finds with the greatest number of pluses added by users. On the main page, click on the Search link for the year. As a result, you will receive the first page of the search that was cons... - Read more

Ending of work

Click File from the main menu and then select Exit. The program will ask you if you want to save the file if it is open. Click OK. ... - Read more