Authorization Data from Wykop

The first thing we need is an account on Wykop. An account that has just been created will not have access to the API until after one month. So if you just set up your account you will have to wait four weeks or write a self-criticism letter to Prote... - Read more

Information about the author and component

Information about the author Information about the person who wrote the program can be obtained by clicking the About button from the top Help menu. You can also do this by clicking on the About button at the bottom of the page in the footer. ... - Read more

More information about the programme and website

Software website You can open the software's website in your web browser by clicking Help from the main menu, and then selecting the web item. More information about the programme For more information about the program, together with the... - Read more

Support me in the battle against cancer. You also support software development.

Very important! I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had an operation during which he was removed. After four years I had a relapse and had to be operated on again. The surgery saved my life, but I remained disabled. Disability: loss of one eye... - Read more


Other elements concerning the operation of the program. Location where we are located Under the main menu there is an access path where you are currently located. This will make it easier to navigate through the category tree. Exit progr... - Read more