New program for counting checksums

I have published a new prgorgram for calculating checksums. It can generate such data as: MD5, CRC32, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512. ... - Read more

Moving a website to PHP 7 and 8

The time has come to say goodbye to PHP version 5. Although the CodeIgniter software will run on the new PHP version I prefer not to risk that the day will come when PHP version 5 will be disabled due to incompatibility. That is why I am moving all m... - Read more

The end of moving the domains and configuring the programs to run on PHP 8

While I wasn't writing programs, I was very busy writing the book and rearranging the programs to run on PHP 8. The hardest part was moving the pages from phpBlueDragon, we had to rewrite the whole site and re-write the admin panel. I created a panel... - Read more