Message from Hyperreal regarding the use of Facebook

Welcome everyone!

We urge you not to use Facebook to discuss psychoactive substances or their use! There are several reasons for this:

  • Facebook has long been an advertising delivery platform - you have probably already encountered the statement that "the user is a Facebook product sold to advertisers". Facebook is a for-profit company, meaning the sole purpose of their existence is to pay Mark and his team.
  • For the above reason, everything you do on Facebook serves only to profile you and your interests in order to more accurately deliver ads from Facebook Inc. clients. Vocabulary tracking algorithms work out what you talk about most and match your profile to the advertiser's target audience. This system can be hacked for purposes other than marketing - as the Cambridge Analytica case proves.
  • Moreover, having a Facebook account is almost taken for granted today. If someone wants to find out something about you - they will 100% try to reach that source. You can limit this through privacy settings, passwords, and locks - but if the data is there: it can eventually get to it.
  • And it's worth noting that Facebook is fighting against user anonymity: often requiring documents to prove identity, and closing accounts solely because they are "inauthentic".

We therefore recommend that you do not use Facebook to discuss psychoactive substances. Do not use it at all!

In relation to the topics covered by Hyperreal: we are trying to create for you an ecosystem that allows you to communicate and publish in an anonymous/pseudonymous way safely and without the chance of a "release order" from the services. From the selection of news articles dedicated to this topic, to forums, blogs and chat: we give you the full opportunity to bypass Facebook Inc. and their exploitation of your attention.

Support portals dedicated to specific topics! Don't give in to "one-app laziness" - because we will all (like the Chinese, with their WeChat) end up under the full control of Zuckerberg, or his successor (which might as well be government consortiums).

Stay with us. Forward this appeal.
Protect yourself and your friends.
Don't let yourselves be exploited.