Plus for microblog entries

From the program's main page, select Plus for microblog hits . Then click on the Microblog Plus for the last 12 hours button. When clicked for all microblog entries that were added up to 12 hours back, they are in the popular list and the plus si... - Read more

Search microblog by tag

Click the Tag link from the microblog on the home page. On the new page, in the Tag Name field, type the tag from which you want the search results. Remember to type the tag without the hash preceding the word. Click the Search button. ... - Read more

Search microblog by phrase

Click on the homepage in the microblog search link . Then type the phrase you are interested in. Then click the Search button. As a result, you will receive a list of search results that best match your phrase.   ... - Read more

Recent entries in microblog

Click on the microblog Entries link on the home page to browse through the latest entries added to the dig section of the Digit microblog. ... - Read more

View hot discussion in microblog

Select the Hot Dots Microchip option in the main menu. You will be redirected to the page where the most popular entries added to the microblock in the Wykop site are available in the last 12 hours.   ... - Read more

Add entry to microblog

Click on the main menu under Add microblog entry . You will be moved to the page where the form for entry is available. In the Comment box, type its content. You can format it using bold, italic, quoting, adding a link, entering a code, adding spoile... - Read more