IMPORTANT! The software is available for free. However, I would ask for your support in the fight against head cancer. At the moment, I cannot find a job anywhere because of the necessary research. Support by PayPal


Support Luke 1% tax write-off

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Good morning, thank you wanted to go to the website and learn about my not rather “colorful life”. I had surgery cut cancer of the brain, after radiotherapy, and then after a few years of entertainment replay or re-operation of the head... - Read more

Luke needs your help with the yearly settlement

Documentation / Other / Luke needs your help with the yearly settlement
A disabled person unable to count on state aid, which would help him to survive from day to day. It's a brain tumor surgery through what remained his disability as lack of eye, facial nerve paralysis, weakness right side of the body. If you accou... - Read more

Let's help together Luke cancer after surgery

Documentation / Other / Let's help together Luke cancer after surgery
I am a person after two neurosurgical and radiation as a result of which I have serious health problems and life due to lack of funds. After the surgery, I remained unpleasant memories, as it usually happens after the surgery, I got this because of... - Read more

Support for Lucas

Documentation / Other / Support for Lucas
TLDR I went through two operations of cutting out cancer from my brain. I have problems with neurological defects, ophthalmological problems (loss of eye), laryngological problems, problems with movement, and I am sick with Celiac disease. I have ... - Read more

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