Password change

Documentation / phpBlueDragon HrefSystem / Password change
When you want to, you can change the password to access your system. To do this, enter by clicking the top menu, select Change password. Then, in the Old password, enter your current password, the New Password and Repeat new password by entering th... - Read more

Password change

Documentation / phpBlueDragon GetPozition / Password change
Change the password for our account we make gets called in when we're logged in. It should be in the upper menu select Change Password. The website has a form intended for entering data. The first field is the Old password for the current passwor... - Read more

Changing the password to the system

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Mailer / Changing the password to the system
The password was given during installation, but you can change them. The best way to security of the system is to change passwords every two weeks, or when we see in the system logs that another unauthorized person logged into our account. Move the c... - Read more

Password change

Documentation / phpBlueDragon WykopAPI / Password change
At any time, you can change your account password. To do this, click the Change Password option from the top menu. Then, enter your current password in the Old Password field, New Password and Repeat New Password field by typing in the same, new pass... - Read more

Restoring the password after a change

Documentation / phpBlueDragon PassWeb / Restoring the password after a change
The main password during the change may cause a problem, when the connection to the server is broken, the server itself will have a temporary break in operation as well as for many other reasons. Old passwords, category and subcategory names and o... - Read more

Changing the master password

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Pass / Changing the master password
A very important place where we can change the password to a new one for the whole file. Click on the main menu on the Options item and select Change Main Password from it. The new window contains a form in which we fill in the fields: Old Passwor... - Read more

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