Project - links

We go to the home page, and then select the project where we click on the link in the column details. Available here are the links to which the program will check if our link exists.

They are available in the table from the last check. Successively are the URL and the text that appears in the link to our website. Whether the link exists, whether it is possible to crawl a page by a formula in the robots.txt file or the link has been set NoFollow attribute, the META tag is a provision allowing the search engine to check the page, the HTTP header of the said page (normal is 200) and the number of outgoing links from that page. There are also buttons to perform edit or delete the entry.

There are different ways to use the domain. Because Google will "subtract points" parties accessible via a URL with and without the web for content duplication, if the system encounters a header 301 or 302 automatically follow behind him. Thanks to this party regardless of whether you specify with or without WWW prefix before the address, always will be checked.

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