Browsing the Trash folder

The Trash folder contains the deleted items or items that were included in the categories we deleted. The buttons here are available: Restore - to restore the item and Clear trash - to clean the basket.

Restoring items from the Trash folder

The menu on the left side of the program contains the Trash item, always located at the bottom of the list. We click on it. Now, from the field containing the documents, select one element that you want to restore by clicking on it. Then the Restore button became active. Click on the button. Now we have a window displayed in which we choose a category in the Category item, and then click on the Restore button. The selected item is returned to the category you selected.

Cleaning the Trash folder

Select Trash from the list on the left side of the program. This directory contains all the files we have deleted. Then click on the button from the upper right corner of the application: Clear trash. The program will ask you if you want to remove the deleted documents, click on the Yes button. Remember that all files will be deleted and you will not be able to restore them.