File editor PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript tool FTP and phpMyAdmin

You need editor for your files in languages ​​such as PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS or JavaScript? You want the editor was not the software that runs half an hour? TabbedEditor - file PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, available wizards to easily insert code is designed precisely for such use. Here you can edit your files, both located directly on your hard drive, as well as those found on the FTP server. Everything is possible thanks to the built-in editor that allows manager to connect to remote file servers. The tool phpMyAdmin was, is and will be very popular. The program includes automatic login for each database. Thanks to a special browser that automatically fills fields with the user name and password. Options are advanced, but any deal with them should do without any problems. You can also edit the way highlighting the code from within the editor. Different wizards menu will allow you to add advanced pieces of code in a very simple way, just fill in a few fields, and the finished code is inserted in the field editor. All sensitive data is protected through encryption, so you will not be an easy target for people who hack into your computer. The program is also equipped with side panels, in which you can define any code snippets, then edit or delete them, and inserting by double-clicking. The editor is designed mainly for programming in PHP with predictions code.