File Editor PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Editor PHP, HTML and CSS in a single program - phpBlueDragon Editor - file PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, available wizards to easily insert code! I created an editor that will allow you to not only edit those files in a simple and easy way to various wizards to insert code. You have the ability to edit files: PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, TXT, C #, Java and many others. The program thanks to its easily allow you to customize its options by setting both the editor and code coloring options. I equipped it in FTP manager, so that you can edit files on both the local computer and the server. Additionally, thanks to the built-in web browser, you can use phpMyAdmin, for which they are automatically inserted into the appropriate data fields for username and password. All sensitive data is encrypted, so even if someone hacks into your computer, and then so will have to guess the key, which they were encrypted. The editor also has side panels, thanks to the insertion of entire portions of the code will be very simple, these fragments can also edit and add your own. Feel free to purchase an editor, through the financial measures in this respect I have enough money for expensive treatment.