Add the program to the CRON

Should be added to the software CRON the path to the file that is to be executed. Preferably in the case of a large number of phrases add the task to run approximately every two minutes around the clock.   php [Path]/index.php check cron ... - Read more

Close program

In the case of closing the program when there are even lists of e-mail sent will stop sending process. The program has a safety feature and will ask you if you want to close the program. ... - Read more

Addition of tasks to CRON

If we want in order to all letters the e-mail added to the shipment through the software CRON were realized we must add the new task. Usually in services with the administration, are found special panels in which one can such elements define. In case... - Read more


Other elements concerning the operation of the program. Location where we are located Under the main menu there is an access path where you are currently located. This will make it easier to navigate through the category tree. Exit progr... - Read more

About programming in PHP

When programming in PHP, we often have to solve problems that are already developed by others. Remember to configure our applications, connect to the database, display the templates - all of this must be programmed by yourself. It is very easy to use... - Read more

Adding the possibility to download applications in software presentation

Since several people have suggested that I add the possibility of downloading applications to the software documentation so that it would be easier to try them out I noticed that indeed these people are right. As they say the shoemaker walks in hollo... - Read more