About program phpBlueDragon Mailer

The program was created to be able to send e-mails to a large number of people. It is a system designed to perform mailing. There are groups with e-mail addresses where in addition to the address, you can also define elements such as title, name a... - Read more

Information about phpBlueDragon Mailer

Too cost to send a newsletter or e-zine through toll systems mailings? Would you like to make your message was sent only to people who are on the list and not lost in a system? Would you like to make your emails only contain your content instead of p... - Read more

About phpBlueDragon Editor

phpBlueDragon Editor– file PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, available wizards to easily insert code – helps work on text files is well known to all developer tool. With it you can edit files of programs: PHP, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript,... - Read more

New phpBlueDragon CVSTool software

I have added the CVSTool software to the phpBlueDragon list. With this software I gained the ability to use software from some companies for free. These companies are: Syncfusion and Jetbrains. Thanks to the fact that the software is released under G... - Read more