Sending group e-mails - mailing

You have a large number of customers and would like to send them a list of e-mail, however, you think that the fee in all kinds of systems to the mailing are too high. I've got a proposition for you. Try my program Tabbed Mailer - send group em... - Read more

Send newsletter straight from the web server

The delivery system of group e-mails is too expensive? Well, no! I prepared, because of my condition, which can not work for health reasons software with which I am trying to make a living. The program PhpBlueDragon Mailer - send newsletters to gro... - Read more

Send mass e-mail lists with your server

The system by which you can automate sending e-mails to a group of recipients. It equipped with a group of recipients so that you can sort people for the harvest. Messages are divided into sketches, sent and currently being sent. You can use this sys... - Read more

Send e-mails to a large group of people

Sending a mailing to a large group of people, however, you want to maintain the confidentiality of addresses. The program was written to only one computer, so that nobody legibility of your e-mails. It has a group in which to put the recipients addre... - Read more

The sending group e-mails

PhpBlueDragon Mailer - send newsletters to groups of recipients, editing in the WYSIWYG editor is software for sending group e-mails otherwise known newsletter. It can also apply to employees in your company, if there are a very large number, and s... - Read more

The emission of group e-mail

You would like to have the program to the emission of group-letters the available e-mail only on your computer to be able to limit the leakage of sensitive data for the company? I will introduce briefly the program phpBlueDragon LocalMailer - send gr... - Read more