Main page

Home contains a list of projects added to our system. Fields in turn indicate ID project, its details or name, the URL you want to check, the date of the last test, the number of days between tests. In addition, on the right side are two buttons fo... - Read more

Main page

The place from which you can manage your projects. There is a button Add new project is used to add a new page and a table of already present in the system content. The columns are the project number, name, url, number of keywords that are checking a... - Read more

Setting a new master password

The program also gives you the possibility to change the main password to your account. Click on the Main Password button in the top menu. On the website there are fields Old password - you need to enter your current password, New password and Rep... - Read more

Changing the location of downloads

The location of the downloads has changed. All options are available in the new subdomain. From now on, all downloads will be located in the new subdomain. This will allow me to sort the items available on the site. ... - Read more