phpBlueDragon HrefSystem - license

DEFINITIONS The word "Program" refers to "phpBlueDragon HrefSystem". SCOPE OF LICENSE 1. The program is distributed under license freeware. 2. When installing or otherwise using the software you agree to the conditions s... - Read more

Publication of software as an OpenSource

Currently, the programmes: GetPozition, HrefSystem, PassWeb and WykopApi are published as OpenSource projects on SourceForge platform. I invite you to download and develop. https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpbluedragon-getpozition/ https://sourc... - Read more

A very large number of improvements made to the software

Programs like GetPozition, HrefSystem, Mailer [Server], PassWeb have been refreshed and missing functionality has been added. Changed jQuery to newer version, changed jQuery to newer version in libraries, improvements concerning database, changed MyS... - Read more