New site prepared for the transition to PHP version 8


I prepared a new site, which, due to the entry into the use of PHP version 8, had to be written in software that supports this language in that version. I based the site on the CodeIgniter framework version 4.

The site is currently very popular as can be seen from my server statistics. Currently there is a whole bunch of IP addresses from which attempts are made to read the .env file and a lot of requests for WordPress software. They are also trying to read new files so in order to prevent any problems with finding my admin panel I moved it to another server.

What I will be developing: for sure I will move all programs to the .NET 6 platform, and I hope it's an edition that already works on all hardware platforms with different operating systems installed. If it works, my programs will soon be able to be fired up on Windows, macOS and Linux. I also intend to create applications specifically for cell phones designed as: a file manager (currently you can't find an interesting one for free), a viewer for graphics and videos from a single thread on Telegram and Discord (downloaded files), and an address book in which I will finally stop getting numbers that are advertisements of companies in which I have SIM cards.

I have presented you with most of the elements I will be working on. If there are any new ones then I will also announce them.