I have added a security certificate for the website


Browsing the site is now secured through a security certificate. I obtained this certificate from the Let's Encrypt organization. They offer their customers a free certificate which you need to create an account to obtain. Then using the Certbot program on your own account with the hosting company via access through Sheel.

Fortunately, I have an account with cyber_Folks where adding a certificate is much simpler and can be done by clicking on the appropriate menu items in the Admin Panel. The certificate will generate itself and save to the server. After that, all you need to do is redirect traffic from the pages from HTTP to HTTPS. Everything is described in the developer's help. All those who want to get a discount on hosting must enter in the place of the promotional coupon code: 46063053.

In addition, I have also added to the phpBlueDragon page the version number of the site that the user asked me for. It is also in the downloads via RSS feed for translation of the content into other languages.