Creating a book on C# and "windowed" applications

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I'm ripe for writing a book on developing "windowed" applications using Visual Studio and the C# language, which will be the backbone of programming in the coming years. With the addition of the .NET platform (not to be confused with the .NET Framework), you will be able to write a single application that runs on all operating systems, on phones with different systems, televisions, and other devices on which support for the .NET platform will be added). This is the most important element in which Microsoft has invested, seeing the opportunity to develop software in which the program written will be able to run anywhere.

I won't write this book discussing the basics of C# language such as conditional statements, loops, defining variables etc. I won't write it talking about the details of the .NET environment. I will write the book according to what I missed the most. Those items were controllers and the things they are used for such as: capturing text from a text box, displaying an item selected from a drop-down list, loading and setting graphics options. Such topics, now very simple for me, that gave me problems. Nowadays there are many places on the Internet where they are described. Just to visit these places and collect the necessary information would take a huge amount of time. That is why there is this book. The book I needed when I started creating "windowed" programs.

I estimate the completion of the first version in April 2022.