Dears, another year behind us. Thanks to medications and coal subsidy I managed to finish it.

Thanks to you, I could survive this year (2021) with more relief. Thanks to your 1% contributions and voluntary donations I was able to cope with life this year. Thanks to you I've bought the medicines I need, also the ones which should be 100% subsidized by the National Health Fund, but despite the substances helping me, they are still not included in the appropriate list. I fight for it, but I can't break concrete with my head. The next and most important thing is to keep warm during winter. This year, coal prices were like crazy. It has stayed that way until today. The government is closing mines and will import coal from Australia. It's obvious that our coal, mined here locally, will have better qualities, not only in terms of price but also calorific value. After all, transporting it from so far away, with possible spontaneous combustion of coal, will cost us a lot of money. People who do not smoke on their own but live in blocks of flats will feel it in rent increase. This huge cost will have to be refunded from something. The reason why mines are being closed down is that we have promised the European Union to switch to "green energy". I wonder what the government will use to cover the losses of energy production. It will probably be another 10 years before nuclear power plants are built. Maybe when I retire, there will be one in our beautiful country where everything is wrong. I'm counting a lot on nuclear power plants. Unfortunately, without them, with the ever-increasing electricity bills, many companies will soon go bankrupt and people will be sitting together in one room at home in the evenings. With the increase in gas prices people will be in under heated rooms or will all congregate in one room for the winter.

I have rambled on about energy topics, however, that is not why you are reading my messages. For your information I am currently still taking painkillers and anti-epileptic drugs. In addition to the painkillers I have taken Pregabalin which relieves the pain, acts as an enhancement to my epilepsy medication and gives me inner peace. This is not an advertisement, but for people in a similar condition to mine, I really recommend this medication.

Thank you all again. By donating 1% you don't even know how much you are doing for me. It's wonderful when I see that this year I will have enough money to buy medicines, gluten-free food and, most importantly, fuel for the winter in the form of kindling, wood and coal. By donating 1% you are helping me to get rid of my pain and insulate the apartment I live in. Thank you!

Would you like to help me this year, please go to the official website and choose to donate via PayPal (donate from your account and also from your credit/debit card) or via international wire transfer to the foundation account.