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All the elements from everyday life, noteworthy events, my mood as I am after two head surgeries. I won't complain about life because of surviving the head surgeries, I could have been in a recumbent state today with round the clock care, but luckily the doctors managed to save me from cancer. Every year I have an MRI of my head and every year I look at the results with trepidation. After the surgery I am a disabled person needing help from other people very often. It will also be about all the interesting experiences.


OxyContin - List of medications I have taken or am taking

Many people describe their medications that they have been taking for headaches. After a moment's consideration, I will also describe what we are dealing with in my case. At first it was paracetamol under different names. Then after the operation I switched to something stronger and started taking T [...]

Song on YouTube blocked due to possible mutilation

A song I really like by Numb/Encore band - Linkin Park ft. Jay Z (Unofficial Music Video) was available a few years on YouTube to watch or listen to at all without any warning. Now it says that in order to play you should know that watching it can lead to suicide or bodily mutilation. In order to pl [...]

Toilet in the St. Barbara's Hospital in Sosnowiec on 25.03.2022.

During a visit in the Regional Specialist Hospital No. 5 in Sosnowiec, just like every other person, after some time I wanted to go to the toilet. If you live in Poland you know what such toilets look like: handles in the strangers are unscrewed, there is no toilet paper, there is urine of other peo [...]

Dears, another year behind us. Thanks to medications and coal subsidy I managed to finish it.

Thanks to you, I could survive this year (2021) with more relief. Thanks to your 1% contributions and voluntary donations I was able to cope with life this year. Thanks to you I've bought the medicines I need, also the ones which should be 100% subsidized by the National Health Fund, but despite the [...]

Message from Hyperreal regarding the use of Facebook

Welcome everyone! We urge you not to use Facebook to discuss psychoactive substances or their use! There are several reasons for this: Facebook has long been an advertising delivery platform - you have probably already encountered the statement that "the user is a Facebook product sold [...]