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Main page

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Software and programming tips are available completely free of charge on this website. The page contains programs written in PHP and C# + add-ons languages. I hope that you will find it useful during your daily work and that it will make it much... - Read more

Checking your links exist on other sites

Documentation / Other / Checking your links exist on other sites
You placed links, or they have purchased and you do not have time to check if you still see pages? The program will do it for you. Check the existence of links, or has not been added to them NoFollow attribute, check how many links are on the page, d... - Read more

Checking the site in Google search results

Documentation / Other / Checking the site in Google search results
Is your company would like to have constant insight on how this site is positioned? Download and install the system on your server. With the possibility of the program and offered functions checking websites will be possible. The software has no li... - Read more

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