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  IMPORTANT! The software is available for free. However, I would ask for your support in the fight against head cancer. At the moment, I cannot find a job anywhere because of the necessary research. Support by PayPal   Software ... - Read more

Main page

Documentation / phpBlueDragon HrefSystem / Main page
Home contains a list of projects added to our system. Fields in turn indicate ID project, its details or name, the URL you want to check, the date of the last test, the number of days between tests. In addition, on the right side are two buttons fo... - Read more

Main page

Documentation / phpBlueDragon GetPozition / Main page
The place from which you can manage your projects. There is a button Add new project is used to add a new page and a table of already present in the system content. The columns are the project number, name, url, number of keywords that are checking a... - Read more

Checking your links exist on other sites

Documentation / Other / Checking your links exist on other sites
You placed links, or they have purchased and you do not have time to check if you still see pages? The program will do it for you. Check the existence of links, or has not been added to them NoFollow attribute, check how many links are on the page, d... - Read more

Web page

Documentation / phpBlueDragon LocalMailer / Web page
Going on a Web page software is done by clicking on the Help menu, and then select options WWW. Then the page will open in your default web browser. ... - Read more

Checking the site in Google search results

Documentation / Other / Checking the site in Google search results
Is your company would like to have constant insight on how this site is positioned? Download and install the system on your server. With the possibility of the program and offered functions checking websites will be possible. The software has no li... - Read more

The home page after the login

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Mailer / The home page after the login
On the home page of the system available are statistics, in order to one could observe how much activity we made in our system to the emission mass-letters the e-mail to subscribers. We access to quantities being found in the system of sketches of t... - Read more

Home page of program

Documentation / phpBlueDragon WykopAPI / Home page of program
The site contains links to all sections of the system for servicing Wykop. There are access management options, the ability to add comments to the post, publish a blog post, browse the posts in the recommended sections and dig. You can also search by... - Read more

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