Very important! I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had an operation during which he was removed. After four years I had a relapse and had to be operated on again. The surgery saved my life, but I remained disabled. Disability: loss of one eye, right paralysis and others. I take expensive medicines. I won't hide it: I need money for basic expenses such as medicines, rent, electricity, water, etc. I hope that I am the person you will help. Unfortunately, the country does not help me despite paying taxes when I was healthy.
Support me in the battle against cancer. You also support software development.


Login to system

Documentation / phpBlueDragon HrefSystem / Login to system
To log in to your account you need to know your e-mail address that you used when installing and password. Go to the main page HrefSystem. In the field E-mail, enter your e-mail address and the Password field your password. Then click Login. ... - Read more


Documentation / phpBlueDragon GetPozition / Login
The first thing you should do is log on to the system. We go to the homepage which is available at the login window. In the E-mail, we enter our e-mail address provided during installation and in the Password field the password. Then just click on th... - Read more

Login to the system

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Mailer / Login to the system
In the Web browser, enter the URL of our domain along with the space in which the system is installed. A window will appear asking for the data to authenticate. In the E-mail, enter your e-mail address and password during installation, which we recei... - Read more

The home page after the login

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Mailer / The home page after the login
On the home page of the system available are statistics, in order to one could observe how much activity we made in our system to the emission mass-letters the e-mail to subscribers. We access to quantities being found in the system of sketches of t... - Read more


Documentation / phpBlueDragon WykopAPI / Login
In order to log in to your account you must have the account name and password that you used during installation. Go to the homepage of the DEPARTMENT. In the E-mail field enter your e-mail address, and in the Password field provided by the system pa... - Read more

Logi systemowe

Documentation / phpBlueDragon Mailer [PL] / Logi systemowe
Wszystkie akcje, które wykonujemy są zapisywane w specjalnym logu, dzięki któremu możemy się dowiedzieć na przykład czy ktoś nie próbował włamać się do systemu metodą brute-force. Najeżdżamy kursorem na menu Inne, a następnie w... - Read more

Logging into a file where passwords are stored

Documentation / phpBlueDragon PassWeb / Logging into a file where passwords are stored
Open the main page of the program and under the heading Login to phpBlueDragon PassWeb choose from the list of Select file our file containing the password, then in the Password field enter the password. At the very end click on the Open button. ... - Read more

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