Project - links

We go to the home page, and then select the project where we click on the link in the column details. Available here are the links to which the program will check if our link exists. They are available in the table from the last check. Successiv... - Read more

Project - link - checking manual

On the home page in the details column, click on the name of our project. At the top is a link Check links. After you click the link are checked by us all added links to the project. Please wait until the check is completed and appears report gener... - Read more

Project - link - checking by CRON

Should be added to the software CRON the path to the file that is to be executed. Preferably in the case of large number of links to add the task to run approximately every 5 minutes around the clock.   php [PathToFile]/index.php check cro... - Read more

Project - links - archive

On the home page in the table in the column, click on the details of our chosen project. At the very bottom of the page is available header Archive. Available there is a last eight test site and access to the full archives, where we find all the va... - Read more

Project - link - import links

Importing links helps you quickly add a large number of addresses that are to be checked. Click on the link on the top menu Import. The first field File (CSV) is designed to add a file from your hard disk in CSV format, encoding set to UTF-8, anoth... - Read more