Information about the program

Move cursor on the Help menu, and with him select About. It display a page telling what possibilities the system offers. ... - Read more

Copyright Notice

Move cursor to the Help menu and then choose the option it Copyright. We will bring up a page with all those used components that were needed to create PhpBlueDragon Mailer. ... - Read more

Information about phpBlueDragon Mailer

Too cost to send a newsletter or e-zine through toll systems mailings? Would you like to make your message was sent only to people who are on the list and not lost in a system? Would you like to make your emails only contain your content instead of p... - Read more


Other system options and capabilities Program close Click on the File menu from which you can select Exit. The program will be closed. About the programme Displaying information about the program and the elements used in it. You can do th... - Read more


Other elements concerning the operation of the program. Location where we are located Under the main menu there is an access path where you are currently located. This will make it easier to navigate through the category tree. Exit progr... - Read more


Ending the program To exit the software, select File from the main menu and then Exit from the submenu. Figure 1: Software exit Open the program's web page in a web browser If you want to open the home page of the software to see ... - Read more