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Software changes licenses from freeware to OpenSource under GPL or MIT license. I will publish all programs available on the website along with the sources and installation files. All projects will be published on GitHub website.... - Read more

Downloading the framework and its configuration

Download the framework before you start working with it. These can be found on the following website: http://www.yiiframework.com/. In the page that opens, you will find links in the header. Move the cursor over the downloads menu and select the fram... - Read more

Changing the location of downloads

The location of the downloads has changed. All options are available in the new subdomain. From now on, all downloads will be located in the new subdomain. This will allow me to sort the items available on the site. ... - Read more

Adding the possibility to download applications in software presentation

Since several people have suggested that I add the possibility of downloading applications to the software documentation so that it would be easier to try them out I noticed that indeed these people are right. As they say the shoemaker walks in hollo... - Read more

Moving a website to PHP 7 and 8

The time has come to say goodbye to PHP version 5. Although the CodeIgniter software will run on the new PHP version I prefer not to risk that the day will come when PHP version 5 will be disabled due to incompatibility. That is why I am moving all m... - Read more