Downloading the framework and its configuration

Published: 2018-07-27

Download the framework before you start working with it. These can be found on the following website: In the page that opens, you will find links in the header. Move the cursor over the downloads menu and select the framework option. Scroll to the page header: Install from an Archive File. Select the link: Yii 2 with basic application template from under the header. When you click it, the download of the Tar compressed file in the Gzip will start. This file can be easily opened with the free 7-Zip1 compressor. Why did we choose to download the option: Yii 2 with basic application template instead of: Yii 2 with advanced application template? We will build all the elements from scratch, so that you can learn the rules of operation and programming in a framework. I want to show you what this software can do and that's why we will do all the elements ourselves. We will repeat all the steps and thanks to that you will not have to think about which framework to use. Actually, it would not be possible without modification in files with models and controllers. From our point of view it is better to write it in one's own way and learn more about the activity of the framework. The structure of the framework is very complicated at first glance, but after getting to know it quickly, it is easy to find out where the things responsible for control over the application, models with access to the database and view files. The authors of the framweork have tried to make it possible to place it together with the content outside the directory visible on the Internet, so even if you make a mistake, for example, not deleting an important file, it will not be visible on the web anyway. This is a great solution. That is why our website is located in the web catalogue.