phpBlueDragon Text Safe

Thanks to this program we can encrypt and to decode our text which we wanted to protect before other persons. Fields permitting the inscription of the text and the password will permit us his encipherment and the decryption by means of the algorithm AES. Remember to define Salt file, thanks to him except the entry, the holder of the encoded message will have to have also this file. This solution is much safer, than the possession only passwords.


The requirements are absolutely without which you can not use the software due to its construction and to facilitate the interface for the user.

Microsoft Framework 4.6



  • Improvement of the visual interface
  • Correcting the use of the Tab key
  • Disabling the field with the file name

  • Correct / change name
  • Correct / change color
  • Installer change / installer removal
  • Other fixes

  • Creating software