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The program is also equipped with categories that allow you to group texts according to their topics.

Adding a category

In the main window of the programs click on the Add category button. Fill in the Category name field and click Add. A new category has been created.

Category editing

On the left side of the program, in the list under the name of Category, select the category by clicking on it, which you want to edit. Then click on the Edit category button in the list. The Category name field is used for its name. After the correction, click on the Update button. The name of the category has been corrected.

Deleting a category

Select a category from the Categories list by clicking it once with the left mouse button and then with the Delete category button from the list. The next window asks if you are sure you want to delete a category. Click on the Yes button. The category and all the texts in it have been deleted.

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