Restoring the password after a change

The main password during the change may cause a problem, when the connection to the server is broken, the server itself will have a temporary break in operation as well as for many other reasons.

Old passwords, category and subcategory names and other sensitive data are additionally stored in the system for one hour.

The [prefix]category table - the record content in the category_name column should be changed to the old category_old_name table record.

Table [prefix]passwordlist - the contents of passwordlist_password and passwordlist_iv fields should be replaced with the current data in passwordlist_password_old and passwordlist_iv_old fields.

Table [prefix]passwords - the content of fields: pass_title, pass_user, pass_password, pass_url, pass_note should be converted into data in fields: pass_title_old, pass_user_old, pass_password_old, pass_url_old, pass_note_old.

phpMyAdmin is a suitable tool for field content swapping.

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