Adding, Editing and Deleting subcategory

Adding a subcategory

We go to the page with passwords. When we have at least one category defined, a button for adding subcategories appeared: Add the subcategory in which you click.

A form with fields is available on the website: Main category - the list where you can find the main category from which you can select the one for which you want to create a subcategory. Next Name of subcategory field where you enter the name of the category. When we finish filling in the form we click on Add subcategory button. Our subcategory has been added.

Subcategory editing

Go to the password page. From the menu on the left, select a subcategory and click on the Edit category icon.

The page contains a form in which in the Main category field you should select the main category to which you would like to subordinate the current category. Then in the Name of subcategory field we correct the name of the category. Finally, click on the Edit subcategory button. The category has been changed.

Deleting a subcategory

We go to the page with passwords. On the left side of the website, select the subcategory you want to delete. Click on the Delete category button as a red and white rubberizing eraser. The system will ask us if we are sure of our choice. Click the OK button. The category and all passwords have been deleted.